Dedicated to the memory of Kev

This site is a tribute to Kev, who was born on January 29, 1973. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

The funeral service for Kev

Funeral service is at Exeter & Devon Crematorium on Tuesday 13th February 2018 at 12:30 pm
Exeter & Devon Crematorium St Peter's Chapel Topsham Road Exeter EX2 6EU


Not a day goes by without thinking of you. You are always on my mind. Missing you mate "I dreamed of you last night. I grabbed you. Held you tight. We were laughing & drinking at the 19th hole So far away. Just out of sight. You've played your final round and bought your last one too. But I'm still on the course Just playing it straight and true When all the shots are done and the bell has tolled its last I'll see you at the 19th hole with only memories of the past"
Sent by Will on 03/07/2018
One of the most funny and witty blokes I have ever known and one of the most caring and compassionate too. Your deadpan humour always had me in tears of laughter. Our last meeting before Christmas with great company, great food and great beer as usual ended up in fits of laughter. I will always remember you this way. Just crushed by your loss Kev, absolutely crushed as we all are. What a bloody fantastic human being. Lots of love to you pal, to Sarah, Jack and Eva. You will all be forever in our thoughts. James Taylor X (Jim, Jimmy T, Jimmy Paterson, Brother of Bill Woods etc ).
Sent by James on 26/02/2018
Very sad to have heard the news about Kev and although I have not seen him for a good few years the memories of Exeter, the Walkabout, Madrid, mad nights out and day to day fun and laughs remain fresh. Struggled to think of things to say but I know you, Kev, would have been thrilled to see the Scots give England a good kicking today at Rugby. But equally still see the humour in those sorts of things. Loved your subtle humour and the hours of laughter shared while meant to be doing serious work. Really feel for Sarah, your family and close friends as I know there will be a big gap without you. Take it easy mate, you were a true gentleman and my memory of you as a good friend will remain. Dave T
Sent by David on 24/02/2018
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